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                                                               TITLE V
                              PERSONS AND PROPERTY LIABLE TO TAXATION

                                                Property Taxes
Section 72:7-d    
72:7-d Exemption; Recreational Vehicles. –

    I. (a) For purposes of this chapter, recreational vehicles, as defined in RSA 216-I:1, VIII, having a valid motor vehicle registration and current number plate, having a maximum width of 8 feet and 6 inches while being transported, and located at a "recreational campground or camping park,'' as those terms are defined in RSA 216-I:1 VII, shall not be taxable as real estate.
       (b) Annually, before April 1, each campground owner, as defined in RSA 216-I:1, III, shall provide the local assessing officials with the name and address for each owner of a recreational vehicle at the campground, and shall identify which of such recreational vehicles at the campground currently meet the criteria described in subparagraph (a).
       (c) Campground owners shall not be responsible for payment of any taxes imposed on a recreational vehicle located at the campground unless the campground owner is the owner of the recreational vehicle. Source. 2014, 288:1, eff. April 1, 2015.

A bill was issued if, a unit was there on 4/1/2015 AND it was not registered prior to 4/1/2015.

If you can provide you a copy of a registration that was dated prior to 4/1/2015 the town will need to abate the bill.

If the unit is over 8'6" wide a bill will be issued regardless if the unit is registered or not.

Tax Bill are issued twice a year .The bill you received is for tax year 2015 and is payable in full regardless if you have move out of the campground or not.

The tax bill for July of 2016 should be about half of the December tax bill.

Payment is Due December 11, 2015

Contact  : info@southhamptonnh.org

Abatement form due to Town of South Hampton between
January 1 and March 1, 2016, click here to down load.


Please note taxes must be paid for abatement to be processed.