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Selectmen (3yr)                         LEE KNAPP             125 VOTES
Tax Collector (3yr)                     ANDREA CONDON 138 VOTES
Treasurer (3yr)                          HEIDI BURKE          138 VOTES                                      Budget Committee (3yr)            DENNIS BLAIR        131 VOTES
Trustee of the Library (3yr)       ALISON MCGONAGLE-O’CONNELL  78 VOTES
Trustee of the Cemetery (3yr)  ANGELA RACINE     140 VOTES
Trustee of the Trust Funds (3yr) write in  WILL HODGE 10 VOTES Constable(3yr)                           write in  JOHN GAMBLE 3 VOTES
Auditor (2yr)                                write in  DAN MAHONEY 6 VOTES   

Zoning Ordinance Amendments 
Article 02 Manufactured Storage Containers : PASSED 93 Yes  50 No
Article 03 Short Term Rentals :                      PASSED 97 Yes  46 No
Article 04 Update Building Ordinances:           PASSED 100 Yes 40 No